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Historical: Global Interwikilink Removal

Wikidata now stores and serves interwiki links for wikipedia and wikivoyage sites. See d:Q1 and d:Q2 as examples. These pages now hold the interwiki links that could previously be found on Wikipedia projects. As the links are stored in Wikidata there is no longer any need to store them at the bottom of articles.

This bot made millions of edits across all Wikimedia sites removing these interwiki links where they were no longer needed.

೧,೫೩,೩೩,೯೩೪+This user has made over ೧,೫೩,೩೩,೯೩೪ contributions to wikipedia.
೨೮,೩೭,೦೦೦+This user has made over ೨೮,೩೭,೦೦೦ contributions to wikipedia.
೧೧,೩೨,೦೦೦+This user has made over ೧೧,೩೨,೦೦೦ contributions to wikipedia.
೪,೬೫,೭೦೦+This user has made over ೪,೬೫,೭೦೦ contributions to wikidata.
೬,೬೫೦+This user has made over ೬,೬೫೦ contributions to wikivoyage.
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