AppsWiki Editor is a wikipedia editor developed in google apps script environment by user Neechalkaran. This can be used for all language projects. This tool has been mainly developed for multi page edits using Bots.

How it worksಸಂಪಾದಿಸಿ

It uses google apps script environment and Mediawiki Api. Since it has been deployed in cloud computing anyone can use this to edit wikipedia articles. But need to get access for this editor. you can drop an message in developer talk page with your Bot account(Bot account is nothing but normal account used for Bot activities).


  1. Need a google account and authentication to work on this tool
  2. Need a Wiki Bot account and register it with help of developer
  3. log in this editor using wiki BOT and wiki password and edit the pages.(password will not be stored anywhere)

User Manualಸಂಪಾದಿಸಿ

  • Login Page view


  • Updating controls


  • Help Controls


  • How to pull Titles from Category?


  • How to update message in user talk?


  • How to insert a Template?


  • How to replace a word?