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This was created to allow for the width of ancestry boxes to adapt if there is a tall thumbnail to the right. Put it and {{ahnentafel bottom}} on separate lines from the ahnentafel template they wrap around.

{{ahnentafel top}}
by default, shows Ancestors of X where X is the name of the article
{{ahnentafel top|title}}
to change the title of the table
{{ahnentafel top|width=100%}}
to change the width of the table

This template will show a collapsed (fully-closed) version of the enclosed ahnentafel when first seen on the page, with a "(show)" option for the reader. To show the reader on first sight an uncollapsed ahnentafel, with a title bar with a "(hide)" option, add |collapsed=no.

See alsoಸಂಪಾದಿಸಿ

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{{ahnentafel3}} {{ahnentafel-compact3}} {{ahnentafel bottom}}
{{ahnentafel4}} {{ahnentafel-compact4}}
{{ahnentafel5}} {{ahnentafel-compact5}}
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