Formatting references using inline citations
Inline citation code; what you type in 'edit mode'
What it produces when you save
Two separate citations.<ref>Citation text.</ref><ref>Citation text2.</ref>

Multiple<ref name="multiple">Citation text3.</ref>citation<ref name="multiple" /> use.<ref name="multiple" />



Two separate citations.[೧][೨]

Multiple[೩] citation[೩] use.[೩]


  1. Citation text.
  2. Citation text2.
  3. ೩.೦ ೩.೧ ೩.೨ Citation text3.
Templates that can be used between <ref></ref> tags to format your references

{{Citation}} • {{Cite web}} • {{Cite book}} • {{Cite news}} • {{Cite journal}} • OthersExamples

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This template is intended to help users at the help desk, new contributor's help desk, for replying to {{helpme}} requests and other places where help with basic inline citations need to be explained, by providing a visual guide to inline citations that some users may respond better to than a text explanation alone.


  • This template may be transcluded or substituted by prefixing "subst:" inside the template code. Thus you may use {{subst:Refref2}} rather than {{Refref2}}. However, given the quantity of code in this template, transclusion may be preferable to substitution.
  • The template does not include automatic signing. Please remember to sign by typing four tildes (~~~~) after the template syntax (or at the end of your accompanying post to which this template may be an add-on).